Dorsey, Green, McGee & White

  Oral history tells Mother Elvira was born in Ghana, West Africa and was apart off the Ashanti Tribe. Through documentation Mother Elvira and her four children Grace, Hampton, Rhina and Rosena were all slaves of Lawrence Porcher Hext of Barnwell, South Carolina in the Boiling Springs area. On June 20th 1857 in the sum of $ 5.00 the family was sold to his daughter Mary Brisbane Hext- McConnell and her husband John Thomas McConnell of Nesmith, South Carolina in Williamsburg County. This telling ordeal was obtained from their Marriage Settlement.

Mother Elvira and her children arrived in Nesmith, South Carolina and lived on 200 acres of land given to John Thomas McConnell by his mother prior to her last Will and Testament in 1864.  Ironically, the very land in 1892 which Mothe Elvira daughter Grace and son inlaw George Dorsey purchased is the very same land Mother Elvira and her four children arrived to from Barnwell, SC in 1857. Today the land is called Dorsey Town.
Located on the Black River area near the Black Mingo Church (Belins) is were Matriarch Jane Zuiel Pressly McConnell owned and enslaved a  large amount of people. Jane Zuiel Pressly McConnell had six children including John Thomas and she divided her 1500 acres of land into sixth and bequethed 11 -14 slaves to each of her children in her 1864 Last Will and Testament. Jane Zueil Pressly McConnell died in 1866 thus the land was never divided. 
The homestead bequethed from her Uncle Thomas McConnell in 1836 went through a tax sale, due to infighting from John Thomas McConnell and his sibling he became the owner of the Property. 


GRACE the eldest child married GEORGE DORSEY in 1865.  GEORGE purchased 77 acres of property in Nesmith, South Carolina (Mingo Township) January 21, 1892 from J. Zuell McConnell, Jr. for $165.00.

HAMPTON GREEN the second  married ROSA MACK in 1871. On November 4, 1904 they purchased 50 acres of property for $ 90.00 in Hemingway, South Carolina (Johnson Township) from Simon and Sylvester Poston. In reading this deed it’s clear he owns property, but this is the first deed recorded in the Kingstree South Carolina  courthouse.

RHINA  married TRAVIS MCGEE in 1867.  There’s no deed located in the Kingstree, South Carolina courthouse. However, on GEORGE DORSEY  mortgage deed it clearly states TRAVIS  property is "west" of GEORGE DORSEY. The Three Rivers Historical Society in  Hemingway, South Carolina archives the Tax Treasure Books. TRAVIS MCGEE is listed in the 1884, 1885 and 1901 for paying taxes on land and personal valuables. There are no records listed from whom he purchased his land.

ROZENA the youngest child married JEFFRAND WHITE in 1872. There’s no deed located at the Kingstree, South Carolina courthouse for property purchased by JEFFRAND but according to George Dorsey’s mortgage deed JEFFRAND  land is "east" of GEORGE DORSEY.  JEFFRAND is also listed in the 1884,1885 and 1901 Treasure Tax Book for paying taxes on land and personal property. 

On November 28, 1917 four young fiery men purchased  333 acres of property for $ 4000.00 from Lawrenc B. Steel.  George and Grace Dorsey sons MOSE & PETERSON, Rozena and Jeffrand White son STEPHAN and friend CHARLEY CHANDLER was the  next generation to continue to exercise their right to purchased large amounts of property. The area of property is called "Sand Hill". In Nemith, Sc.

Mother Elvira gave her children the GOAL TO DESTINY, all her children beat the odds by living through slavery, experiencing freedom, reconstruction era, purchasing property, little or no education and today we honor her MEMORY





                                       Mt Ararat Church and Cemetary

 Mt Ararat was established JANUARY 20, 1892 conveyed and donated for $1.00 to Trustees S.D. McBride, Toney Scott and Sam Davis from D.D. Rhems, L.A. Rhems and F. Rhems  of Rhems and Sons Mercantile.  

The Mt. Ararat African American Episcopal Church as it was named situated on One (1) acre of property which could only be used for worship or the land would reverted back to Rhems & Sons . 

Today the church no longer stands due to several fires however, the cemetary still remains in continued use.

The New Mt. Ararat Church with Cemetary was erected on the Nesmith Rd. in Nesmith, SC.

Mother Elvira Legacy   

GRACE the eldest who married GEORGE DORSEY (dorsey). 
RHINA married TRAVIS MCGEE (mcgee).
 ROZENA married JEFFRAND WHITE (white)

Family Names


These last names are daughters who married and continued our family lines.


 I searched for George Dorsey in Willamsburg County South Carolina. 
It never crossed my mind to look to the next county of Georgetown, South Carolina.
I came across a man named William Dawsey from Gallivants Ferry, South Carolina by way of England.  
William Dawsey was granted land in 1771 from the King England to settle the land.
The land was located in Georgetown, SC in an area called Gapway Bay.  It was a large plantation
dealing in cattle, cotton and tobbaco. During the latter part of the Civil War William Dawsey and family fled the area by ship that capsized on the North Carolina coast.  With their unfortunate deaths the Farm and servants where sold.  
I was mesmerized by the finding.  When I saw the Invetory list of names with  two belonging to me, sent me over edge.       GEORGE AND GRACE ESTER
 One of our older family members who passed away around 2001 who had to be 100 years old according to the US census.  She remembered vividly serving dinner to JACK JOHNSON at my ggggrandfather house MOSE DORSEY, son of GEORGE and GRACE DORSEY. 
n 1917 400 acres of land was purchased  in Nesmith,SC in an area called SAND HILL from Lawrence Steele for $4000.00.  
JACK JOHNSON paid the money in advance for
When the loan was paid, a dinner was served in large two story home of MOSE AND MARTHA DORSEY.  
Thank you for your memory and God bless you RHODIE SCOTT.          

George Dorsey
is truly a man before his time.
 I located him in the January 1896 Mingo Township, Williamsburg County South Carolina voter registration book.
George Dorsey was 53 years old listed on line 14 page 6.
In 1867 the 15th Amendment gave African Americans the right to Vote; but not ratified until March 30,1870.
Opposition was waiting as he casted his vote. 
George Dorsey had to meet qualifications such as the grandfather clauses, literacy requirements and poll taxes.
The right to vote was short lived and White Americans made sure of that. African Americans didn't actually get to vote freely until the 1964 with the Civil Rights Movement.
You all can be proud to say your grandfather GEORGE DORSEY was one of many who lead the struggle for the freedom to VOTE.

                                                                 The Will of George Scott


The last Will and Testament of George Scott was written February 7, 1892.     
GEORGE DORSEY was executor of this Will.

 Silas Nesmith and A.F. Tucker were witnesses and annexed the writing of this Will.
The document beqethed his son
Ned Scott 165 acres of property. 
George Dorsey reported the death of George Scott on June 21, 1913.

Belin & Millpond Cemetaries

 Prior to 1949 the four families were buried at the Belin Church (pronouned Blain) and the Millpond Cemetary.
 The Belin Church is located in Nesmith, SC Grace Dorsey in her latter years worshiped there every fifth Sunday.
Clealand Belin a immigrant from France had the Church built in 1844 with slave labor.
Although the Church was intergrated, the African Americans had to sit in the balcony and could never participate in any functions of the Church. 
The MILLPOND Cemetary is the burial site many family members however, the only headstones that are visible are brothers George, Hampton and Benjaming Dorsey. The Belin Church Cemetary is the resting place for Rhina McGee and today the Church is on the National Registry as a landmark.  A Wire fence separate Belin Church & Cemetary from the Black families on the same land.

GEORGE DORSEY the father of all DORSEY 
When I located George Dorsey grave site it sat about 100 yrds from the Black Mingo River in Nesmith,SC.  To my surprise I saw a tall headstone, well written, great condition with the  sunlight  beaming down on the headstone as it read.
    George Dorsey     
Here is one who is sleeping in faith and love.  An honest old servantHe has been trusted with many things and was always found honest. His memory shall ever be a guiding star to heaven.

The first family member buried at the Mt. Ararat Church was MOSE DORSEY. He was the third son from
George and Grace Dorsey and he died in 1949.




George & Grace Dorsey
George 6/29/1839
Grace 1/1849


1. Joseph Dec 1869
2. Janie 1867
3. Hampton May 1871
4. Mose Mar 1870
5. Ben Dec 1875
6. Peter May 1878
7. Sam 1879
8. Ozzie Apr 1885
9. Duncun Nov 1886
10. Lottie Sep 1889
11. Rosa Feb 1893

Hampton & Rosalina Green
Hampton 10/1850
Rosalie 6/ 1851  


1. Ben Oct 1871
2. Franklin 1873
3. Catherine 1874
4. Waiters
5. Henry Oct 1877
6. Elvira Mar 1878
7. Bill Jan 1880
8. Garfield Mar 1880
9. Tony Mar 1883
10.Levenious Jan 1887
11.Grace Apr 1889
12.Samuel Feb 1891
13.Evelena Aug 1892

Travis & Rhina McGee

Rhina 2/20/1851


1. Amelia
2. William
3. Laurie Jul 1877
4. Irene Oct 1880
5. Rozena
6. Nettie Mar 1888
7. Travis May 1892

Jeffrand & Rozena White

Rozena 5/1853


1. Washington
2. Elizabeth
3. Justine
4. Rina
5. Sarah
6. Stephen 1880
7. Frank 1882
8. David Apr 1884
9. Ervin Nov 1887
10.Hattie Oct 1889
11.Martha Jul 1894
All dates came from the 1870-1930 US Census 


US Census
Mingo Township, September 1870
Nesmith, South Carolina


*SAM Elvira 37 farm laborer
*SAM Joe 35 "same house"

*SAM George 29 farm laborer
*SAM Grace 21 farm laborer
Joseph 4
Hampton 2
*SAM Jane 70 Matriach
who is she?
Prior to 1880 US Census the Dorsey Family used the last name "SAM".
The last name changed to "Dorsey" was used on the 1880 Census.

*Travis McGee 24
*Rhina McGee 18
*Bettie McGee  (Travis's Mother)

US Census
Mingo Township June 4,1880

*Dorsey George 29
*Dorsey Grace 28

Joseph 14
  ** Moses 7     
Lauri 6
Benjamin 4
Peterson 2


Johnson Township (hemingway)
June 14,1880

*Green Hampton 30
Rosa 25


Benji 9
Franklin 7
Catherine 6
Henry 4
Elvira 2
Bill 6mo

Mingo Township
June 1,1900

*White Rosa Nov 1879
Washington Sep 1898
Abraham Mar 1900

*White Jeff Jan 1848
Rosena May 1853

Francis July 1881
David Apr 1884
Ervin Nov 1887
Hartie Oct 1889
Martha July 1894

*Dorsey Joe Dec 1869
Elizabeth Dec 1869

Bellenger Feb 1890
Hampton May 1892
Stanley Mar 1894
Loris Oct 1898

*Scott George Aug 1822
Sarah July 1834

Venia Mar 1865
Jemeth Oct 1881
Susan Dec 1885

*Dorsey George Mar 1839
Grace Jan 1849

Ozzie Apr 1885
Duncun Nov 1886
Lottie Sept 1889
Rosa Feb 1893

*McGee Travis 1845
Rhina Mar 1850

Elias Jan 1887
Netta Mar 1888
Travis Jr May 1892

*McGee Lorie

McGee William 1875
Laura 1880
Elias 1896

*Dorsey Peter May 1878
Eliza July 1881
Albert Nov 1899

**Dorsie Mose July 1874
Martha 1877

*Bishop King 35 yrs
Hettie 29 yrs


Enoch 12 yrs
Walter 10 yrs
Jannie 8 yrs
Corena 6 yrs
Pearlie 5 yrs
Mayceo 4 yrs
Ray 3 mo

*Darsey Peterson 40
Eliza 35

James 18
Lewis 17
Idella 11
*Dorsey Ben 24
Minnie 20
George 1

*Dorsey Hampton 29
Rose 25

Mingo Township 1910

*Dorsey Peter 30
Eliza 28

Albert 9
Louis 8
McConnell Susy 70

*White Ervin 26
Phyllis 19
Rickey 1

*Dorsey George 62
Grace 50

Rosa 17
Duncun 20

*Dorsey Joe 40
Elizabeth 40

Belenger 18
Hampton 15
Stanley 15
Laurice 11
Mary 9
Grace 9
Eliza Jane 3
Hannah 8mo

*Dorsey Ben 31
Minnie 25


Nickolis 10
Isaac 7
Rosenah 5
Mosey 9mo

*White Jeff 60
Rosena 55
Martha 15

*Bishop King 21
Hattie 20
Enoch 2
Walter 3mo

McGee Travis 65
Rhina 58


Netta 22
Junior 16

Chandler Charlie  Nov 1875
Ida  Oct 1877
Fowler 3 Oct 1896
Rosa 2 May 1898
Carrie  7 mo Oct 1899
Herbert McCrea 20 Aug 1879
Irene 19 Oct 1880
Carrie M. 1 Oct 1898
Charlie M ( brother) 8 Dec 1891
Lauri McGee 23  1877
Rosena Nesmith 18 March 1882
William 1 Nov 1898
Anthony Washington 18 Jan 1882
Janie Dorsey 17 May 1883
 William A.  1 Aug 1899

Mingo Township 1920

*White Stephan 41
Soffa 25


George 20
Abraham 18
David 16
Henry 14
Laurly? 12
Mary ? 10
Eddie 8
Joseph 6
Ruby 4
Stephan 2

*Dorsey Grace 80

*Dossey Joe 38
Elizabeth 45


Belinger 25
Larice 18
Mary 16
Grace 16
Janie 12

*Swinton Robert 33
Lottie 26


Matthew 7
Ander? 4
Cleavland 2

*White Frank 38
Lucy 30


Thelma 11
Frank 8

*White Jeff 72
Rosena 70


Martha 22

*Dorsey Belenger 28

*Dorsey Sam 25
Rosa 20


James 10
Thomas 6

*McGee Laurie

*Dorsey Duncun 32
Lavenia 22
Alophere 4

*Dorsey Nickolis 21
Viola 20

*Dorsey James 24
Nealie 20


Willie 5
Elease 3

*Dorsey Ozzie 33
Iola 28


Kibet 17
Ina 9
Ben 7
Earnest 6
Epps 4
? 1mo

*McGee Travis 70
Rhina 58

*Dorsey Hampton 40
Rosa 40


Laurel 18
Estell 16
Furney 12
Sarah 8
Netta 6

**Dorsey David 22
Venus 18
Henry 2
June 12,1900
Johnson Township
 Hampton Green  Nov 1848  Married 29 years
Rosalie June 1851
Catherine  Aug 1875
Elvira March 1878
Garfield March 1880
Tony  March  1883
Levenious Jan 1887
Grace  April 1889
Evelena  Aug 1892
Liston?  Dec 1896
Amelia (grand) Oct 1898
Henry Green  Oct 1877  Married 2 years
Mary Hannah  Sept 1877
Winsome? Aug 1899
Benjamin Green  Oct 1871  Married 6 years
Judy  Jan 1876
Matthew  Feb 1895
General L.  March 1897
Maliston B.? July 1889
Ollie Wilson  ( sister Inlaw)  Dec 1889


**Dorsey, David 36
Benus 32

Henry 13
Johnny 8
David 6

Dorsey Ozzie 44
Iola ? 36

Cubit 21
Ben 17
Epps 14
Ozzie 12
George 10
Robert 8
Florence 6

Dorsey, Loris 32
Mary 21

Mayabell 4
Richard 3

Dorsey Joseph 61
Elizabeth 61

Eliza Jane 21
Willie 22 husband
James 1

Swinton Robert 39
Lottie 39

Matthew 16
Vander 13
Clevland 11
George 9
? Mittie Mae 7
Rosetta 5
Osteen 3
Ozalee 2

White Frances 41
Lucy 39

Frank Jr 17
Thelma 18
Anna P 9

White Jeffrand 82
Rosena 68

Martha Dorsey 30
Belenger 35

Josey Bell 10
Rody Lee 8
Beatrice 3
Edward 3 mo

McGee Travis Jr 38
Maybel 21

Johnny 15
Loris 9
James 6
Willie 3
** Travis McGee Jr stated his parents are both from AFRICA...

Dorsey Grace Age

Mary Jane Washington 19
Elizabeth 21
Elizah 3
Obeth 1

Dorsey Sam 50
Hattie 30

Thomas 12
Willie Jessie 10
Luther 7
Pearline 6
Eltoline 5
Iaasac 3
Rebecca 3
Maggie 28
Epps 10

Dorsey George 27

Ollie Epps

White Stephan 55
Sofy 39

Lucy 21
Mary 17
Eddie 15
Ruby 12
John S 6
Willard 5
Fannie 4
Philip 2
Kelly R 8 mo

Dorsey Peter 49
Eliza 45

Neta 13
Essie Mae 5

Dorsey Hampton 55
Rosa 49

Furney 20
Nieter 15

**Dorsey Mose 58
Martha 51
Earline 8

Scott John 23
Rhoda 21

Dorsey James 32
Nealy 29

WJ 16
Elease 13
Laurie 8
Orie Bell 6
Phillip 4
JC 2

1930 Census Hemingway, Johnson Township.

Hampton Green, Elvira's only son lives in Hemingway. According to the Census the SAW MILL was the Green's main occupation. They ALL owned their own land with home worth $ 250.00

Green Sam 38
Daisy 24


Green Waiters 29
Claudia 27

laura (niece) 4

Green Ben 55
? 38

Howard 7

Green Liston 21
Edith 26

Eugene 8
Minus 5
Henderson 2
Ollie ? 2

Green Henry 41
Lottie 40

Willie 10
Lee Weaver 67 mother inlaw


In reading this information one might find the spelling and age information incorrect. People didn't always give the correct information or the Census Taker may have written what he wanted. There were various ways DORSEY was spelled. 


Copyright 2001 Tanya Jones Boland

Elvira,Grace,Mose,David,Johnnie & Odessa, Johnnie Mae & Me
my dorsey family line

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